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10 years ago

koven j. smith ( - For those who don’t want to download the slides from our recent presentation at MCN, I’ve included them here as a slideshow. They’re missing the accompanying notes, but Dave Wiggins (thanks, Dave!) has posted pretty accurate notes from the accompanying talk here. Dave’s notes also include th ... Details

Traditional SEO is dead with intelligent search results

10 years ago

Interactive Web Technology ( - Just saw this video interview on YouTube with Bruce Clay. With the growth of smart and targeted search results based on user behavior and site history keywords and rankings will be a thing of the past. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have already begun to introducing smart search results technology with ... Details

foaf+ssl: a first implementation

10 years ago - The first very simple implementations for the foaf+ssl protocol are now out: the first step in adding simple distributed security to the global open distributed decentralized social network that is emerging. The foaf+ssl protocol has been discussed in detail in a previous blog: "FOAF & SSL: creat ... Details

Introduction to the history of Web 2.0

10 years ago - Introduction to the history of Web 2.0 – – The opportunities for a golden age in education are breathtaking; there has never been a more exciting time to be in this field. Our challenge goes beyond making sense of what the possibilities are, though, to marshalling the will and means to ... Details

Virtuoso Vs. MySQL: Setting the Berlin Record Straight (update 2)

10 years ago

Orri Erling's Weblog ( - In the context of the Berlin SPARQL Benchmark, I have repeatedly written about measurement procedures and steady state. The point is that the numbers at larger scales are unreliable due to cache behavior if one is not careful about measurement and does not have adequate warmup. Thus it came to pass ... Details

Web standards for online businesses in Mauritius.

10 years ago - There’s a lot of talk over the advent of the Internet in Mauritius and l’Express even had an article on the new practices over the Internet especially concerning on line purchases, Internet banking or job seeking (though I doubt that it is a good thing to compare online shops in Mauritius with b ... Details

Qualitätsoffensive am BarCamp-Sonntag

10 years ago

antischokke ( - Ein “Quality Sunday” soll das werden, mal schauen. Bin nach einem (unfreiwillig ausgiebigeren) Spaziergang durch die Hamburger Morgensonne auf dem BarCamp (bchh08) angekommen, hab mir einen leckeren Obstsalat mit Bircher-Müsli gegönnt und sitze nun in der Sessionplanung. Wenn mein Ladegerät v ... Details

Mine seneste bookmarks (17.11.08 - 23.11.08)

10 years ago - Her er ugens links fra min YouTube - Authors@Google: Randall Munroe: XKCD-tegneren Randall Munroe @ Google YouTube - AtGoogleTalks’s Channel: YouTube - Authors@Google: Farhad Manjoo: Farhad Manjoos bog True Enough er bedre end foredraget. The Screens Issue - If You Liked This, ... Details

Future of Mobile 08: Signposting on the New Paths of Discovery

10 years ago - Andrew Scott — Rummble Only 4.5% of your time is spent in a good GPS signal… CellID in city centres is good enough to allow you to track your movement along Oxford St 25% of flickr photos are now geotagged Under the Radar last week — a good proportion of companies had something to do with loca ... Details

Spinning the Semantic Web: Bringing the World Wide Web to Its Full Potential From The MIT Press

10 years ago - NEWList Price: $27.00 Price: $24.30 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours Ships from and sold by 27 new or used available from $14.53 Average customer review: As the World Wide Web continues to expand, it be ... Details

Faviki makes it to the ReadWriteWeb’s annual top 10 list of Semantic applications to watch

10 years ago

Faviki Blog ( - ReadWriteWeb, a popular blog about web technology, has started publishing its annual list of “10 Semantic Web Apps to Watch” last year. This year, I’m happy to announce that Faviki made it to that list. As the number of Semantic Web startups rapidly increases, I understand that editors at RWW ... Details

Semantic advertising to make the Long Tail manageable

10 years ago - Earlier this month, Dr. Riza C. Berkan, the CEO of semantic search engine Hakia, wrote a great article on iMedia Connection, Why semantics are the future of paid search. In my post on the different kinds of semantic advertising, I mentioned that "advertisers in semantic search may ultimately end up ... Details

A Web Service for ONSolubility.

10 years ago

YOKOFAKUN ( - This post is about the ONSolubility project (For references search FriendFeed for Solubility). This post is about how I've used Egon's code to create a web service to query the data of solubility. Egon has already done a great job by using the google java spreasheet API to download Jean-Claude's Sol ... Details

10 years ago - How neat is I just found it today via twitter.Even better, there's structured data available of the Hansard. I wonder if I can turn this into RDF or make it GRDDL-friendly.I'll have to learn how to use git to get the source though.UpdateI just made a quick politics GRDDL transform ... Details

Simple Content Negotiation for RDF service application with PHP

10 years ago - Need to serve up HTML for most users, but have an RDF representation of your resource?Simply pop in:$accept = explode(',', $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT']);if (in_array('application/rdf+xml', $accept)) { header('Location: path/to/rdf/version.rdf'); die();}Labels: http, php, rdf, semantic web, tips ... Details

Web 2.No More? From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0

10 years ago - The recent market fiasco has everyone wondering whether Web 2.0 is alive or dead? The technology is indeed still alive (and advancing) but the focus is changing towards Web 3.0. When the internet bubble burst in the early 2000s it acted as the dividing line between Web 1.0 (the original web) and We ... Details

‘Reinventing the Wheel’ becomes world’s only growth industry ?

10 years ago - Hopefully the title of this post exaggerates the problem slightly, even in these recessionary times, but I am increasingly concerned by the extent to which the tech sector’s current and future behemoths squander finite effort on reinventing ‘context’ at the expense of excelling in delivery ... Details

Open Web Podcast: Microformats

10 years ago - Diesmal mit dem notizBlog Thema schlechthin: Microformats Die Themen: Status Quo (4 Jahre Microformats) Browser Integration (z.B. Firefox und Internet Explorer) Microformats und Suchmaschinen (z.B. SearchMonkey) Googles Social Graph API Die Zukunft von Microformats Microformats vs. RDFa Kritikpunk ... Details

Linktipps: 10 semantische Web Apps

10 years ago - willkommen im wir.netz ( - Das Readwriteweb hat 10 Semantic-Web-Apps aufgetrieben, die man im Auge behalten sollte. Naturgemäß funktionieren die meisten vorrangig im amerikanischen Umfeld, aber sie zeigen schön, was das Web 3.0 einmal bringen könnte. BooRah kümmert sich um Reviews von Restaurants und analysiert dazu die ... Details