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Your Personal Edition of DBpedia in the Clouds

10 years ago

Kingsley Idehen's Blog Data Space ( - We are just about done with an end-to-end workflow pattern that enables reconstitution of DBpedia 3.2 instances in the Clouds courtesy of Virtuoso and EC2. Basically this is how it works. Instantiate a Virtuoso EC2 AMI (paid variety) Install the special EC2 extensions (ec2ext_dav.vad) VAD via the ... Details

Glue combines Semantic Data with Social Networking and Shopping

10 years ago - Glue combines Semantic Data with Social Networking and Shopping Glue seems to me one of the first true semantic web applications. It is a social networking and social shopping hybrid. The Glue application is a browser bar, that connects to friends and others like a co browsing application. Oppos ... Details

Taxonomy and Semantic Web: writing an extension for ARQ/SPARQL

10 years ago

YOKOFAKUN ( - In this post I'll show how I've implemented a custom function in ARQ, the SPARQL/Jena engine for querying a RDF graph. The new function implemented tests if a node in the NCBI-taxonomy hierarchy as a given ancestor.RequirementsJena/ARQ: java 1.6 compilernodes.dmp , ... Details

Semantic marketing gains mainstream attention: article in Advertising Age

10 years ago - Nice article in AdAge Digital by Marta Strickland of Organic (and editor-in-chief of the wonderful blog ThreeMinds): What the Semantic Web — or Web 3.0 — Can Do for Marketers. Marta does an excellent job summarizing some of the benefits semantic web technologies can have for marketers. Certainl ... Details

Evri: content recommendation

10 years ago - For the past week you may have noticed a little Evri button at the bottom of my posts.  If you click on it, you'll get a pop up window displaying related news, videos, topics and a visual of how this topic ties into others.  You can drill down from there and explore more content. This cool little ... Details

Google to layoff 10,000 workers

10 years ago

UMBC ebiquity ( - We’re looking at some tough times for companies that have been supported by ad revenues, like newspapers, magazines, broadcasters, and Google. Google?!? Yes, Google. It is being reported that Google is set to lay off about one-third of it’s workforce. “Google has been quietly laying off sta ... Details

Nuggets from the sea of information

10 years ago - Nuggets from the sea of information Posted by Sarah Gentleman, 25 Nov 2008 0 comment Add your views At the JISC Collections AGM on 20 November 2008, Sophia Ananiadou, Director of the National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM) gave an excellent presentation on what text mining is, why it matter ... Details


10 years ago - 가끔 내가 DERI에 있는 것이 행복할 때가 있다. 아마 오늘이 그런 날 중의 하나일 것 같다. 밤새 잠을 제대로 못이뤄 무척 피곤하긴 하지만 여기 있는 사람들과 자유롭게 토론하고 배울 수 있는 것이 무척 즐거운 일이다. 이틀 동 ... Details

Knowledge Creation, Evaluation and Publication in Mode 2

10 years ago

whitepal ( - In the last post the 5 constructive claims of Mode 2 were being presented. These are the foundations for OpenResearch (OR). OR wants to enhance research using Social Networks (SN). This implies using the current social networking sites on  the internet for producing scientific knowledge. So, the IT ... Details

The One: 5000 Tage in die Zukunft

10 years ago - Wir überschätzen kurzfristige Veränderungen, die uns die Technik bringt. Aber wir unterschätzen langfristige. Wer hätte vor zehn, 15 Jahren gedacht, wie unsere Welt jetzt aussieht? Welche Rolle das Web spielt? Wie sich unsere Mobilität verändert hat? Kevin Kelly blickt im Rahmen von TED-Talk ... Details

Augmented Reality, Lifelogging and The Open Web

10 years ago - I haven’t blogged anything related to the metaverse for a while now and I thought it’s a good time, to bring a few topics together in one blog post and point out how they will all work together in the future. I have recently sat down in a bar in Berlin together with a friend of mine, who was al ... Details

What the Semantic Web -- or Web 3.0 -- Can Do for Marketers Whatever You Call It, Get Ready for Greater Relevance

10 years ago

AdNoize ( - What the Semantic Web -- or Web 3.0 -- Can Do for MarketersWhatever You Call It, Get Ready for Greater RelevanceMarta StricklandIt's been nearly 10 years since Tim Berners-Lee, who is credited with inventing the worldwide web, expressed his vision of a "semantic web," in which all web data -- and th ... Details

The Human Operating System

10 years ago

Matt Brooks : Self Automated : Web 3.0 Internet Entrepreneur ( - One late night I was with a few friends at our White Oak House in Encino. We intentionally polluted our body with a potent poison that enabled us to see life through a different lens.Within this late night session, induced by the hallucinating sounds of DJ Derty, we were in a state of trance. That i ... Details

האמת האבסולוטית והרשת הסמנטית

10 years ago - פוסט קצת פילוסופי ומשעשע על משמעות של הבעת עובדה כלשהי ברשת: האם ברגע שהבעתי אותה יש צורך לחזור עליה על מנת שתהיה נכונה? האם העובדה שאני חוזר על עובדה מסוימת שוב ושוב ... Details

Calais Integration / Semantics for Alfresco - sneak peak part 1

10 years ago

Flex for Enterprise 3.0 ( - Here is a sneak peak video of  semantic auto-tagging and multiple semantic tag clouds coming in the next release of FlexSpaces+AIR / FlexSpaces+Browser. This uses the  Calais Integration  Alexander and  I have been working on, the Open Calais service, and Alfresco.  The Calais integration auto- ... Details

Subtle shift in online advertising

10 years ago - Back in June, a company with the name Peer39 launched SemanticMatchTM, the world’s most advanced semantic advertising platform. What is this “semantic advertising”? Imagine a series of algorithms that are capable of understanding content meaning and sentiment, thus enabling precision targeting ... Details

How the Semantic Web Will Change Information Management: Three Predictions from fumsi

10 years ago

unstruc chitchatting about information delivery ( - [This post was originally posted on the Synaptica Central team blog]---------fumsi is a digital and print publication that provides resources and tools for people who "find, use, manage & share information" . They are part of the FreePint family of resources for professionals in the Information Mana ... Details

Interesting stuff from around the web 2008-11-24

10 years ago - Google map of London with Flickr shape data overlaid by Matt Biddulph. Used under license. The Shape of Alpha - using mass data to reveal the perceived shape of geography [Code: Flickr Developer Blog] “Plotted all the geotagged photos associated with a particular ‘Where On Earth ID’ (a datab ... Details

IIW7: Great As Usual

10 years ago

In Context ( - Kudos to Kaliya and Phil for another great IIW. There was a great spirit of collaboration and I got the feeling that a lot of important work got done. Browser Extension Convergence I led a session on trying to converge towards a single browser extension for these four browsers (IE, FF, Safari, Chr ... Details

DataMarket launched

10 years ago - I’m pleased to announce the launch of DataMarket’s new website. As the name implies, DataMarket is about creating a marketplace for data - structured data to be more specific. This means all sorts of statistics and tabular data, including but not limited to: market research, exchange rates, var ... Details

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