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Reading between the keywords

10 years ago

Crimson Hexagon ( - Marta Strickland of Organic has a terrific article in AdAge on the looming intersection of semantic web and marketing. The article’s title What Can Semantic Web—or Web 3.0—Can Do for Marketers? was bound to raise some hackles: our Utopian semantically-rich online future meets marketers floggin ... Details

Jedem sein Firefox

10 years ago - Der Spruch “Andere Länder, andere Sitten” lässt sich auch auf Internet-Gewohnheiten anwenden. Die Chinesen sollen z.B. ein anderes Surf-Verhalten an den Tag legen, als Europäer oder Amerikaner. Während Letztere eher vorgebeugt vor dem Rechner hocken und dabei eine Hand auf der Tastatur, die ... Details

Gartner’s Daryl Plummer stresses user interaction with the Cloud

10 years ago - Daryl Plummer, the Analyst at Gartner with oversight of their Cloud Computing activity, offers an interesting post on the ways in which Cloud Computing will actually impact individuals; “Now that is actually different than what many Cloud aficionados are doing. They, I would argue, are still focu ... Details

What the Future of SEO Looks Like

10 years ago - What the Future of SEO Looks Like I’ve been reading a number of interesting articles about the imminent death of search engine optimization. Frankly, traditional SEO has been languishing on its death bed for the last several years. While this doesn’t bode well for the folks who have built care ... Details

The Semantics Web: Better Information and Interactions Through Artificial Intelligence

10 years ago

Talkibie ( - Just when you were getting comfortable with Web 2.0, it’s time to start thinking about Web 3.0.  But don’t fret:  the geeks and the gurus began shaping Web 3.0 ten years ago, when Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who is largely credited with inventing the World Wide Web, envisioned what he called a semant ... Details

Prize winners visualise Irish online life in the SIOC Data Competition

10 years ago - The winners of the SIOC (pronounced “shock”) data competition being run by DERI at the National University of Ireland, Galway have been announced. Th ... Details

Metafora AD Network presente al RomeCamp2008

10 years ago - Oggi inizia un evento notevole per il potenziale creativo che ne potrebbe uscire: il RomeCamp 2008. Il romecamp si occupa di idee che rendano migliore il futuro delle nostre società: un futuro plasmato da tecnologie che cambiano l’ambiente in cui viviamo. Nella nostra epoca, le persone ... Details

Alex Iskold Personal Blog-Adaptive Blue

10 years ago ( - Image via Wikipedia The Creator of Glue-for Adaptive Blue! Alex Iskold Personal Blog. Related articles by Zemanta AdaptiveBlue Launches BlueOrganizer Indigo Glue binds the social and semantic Web Yahoo adds Glue to make search more useful Yahoo Glue Gives You Everything But the Web Search [Yahoo ... Details

Anwendung von Semantic-Web-Techniken im Wissensmanagement

10 years ago - Joachim Seibert mit erstem Buch: Anwendung von Semantic-Web-Techniken im Wissensmanagement; Tagged: .DE, Bücher, Intranets, IT, Semantic Web, Wissensmanagement, XML ... Details

GoodRelations webcast & spreading the word about the Semantic Web

10 years ago - You have probably already heard about GoodRelations, “the web ontology for e-commerce”. Martin Hepp from Bundeswehr University in Munich recently created a webcast, giving a short introduction to semantic web-based E-Commerce and to the GoodRelations vocabulary - I want to see more of such intro ... Details

Where are Search Engines Most Likely To Innovate?

10 years ago - I though it would be a perfect time to present my own theories on how search engines might be innovating their technologies. QUERY INTENT DETECTIONIt seems that all of the major engines have eschewed disambiguation in favor of attempting to automatically determine the query intent of a user. My gue ... Details

PLR Articles vs Latent Sematic Indexing Articles

10 years ago

The Internet Advertising Wizard ( - PLR Articles vs Latent Sematic Indexing Articles 26 Nov Posted by: James in: Article Marketing Attract Search Engines and Visitors to your website with Latent Semantic Indexing articles As a website or content publisher, you want to make sure the articles or contents in your website will n ... Details

Как создать приложение Semantic Web?

10 years ago - Ответ на это прост, если не учитывать проблемы, которые я освещал в одном из предыдущим постов. Cначала давайте определимся, что будем понимать под приложением Semantic ... Details

What the Semantic Web — or Web 3.0 — Can Do for Marketers

10 years ago

digital asset management weblog ( - Whatever You Call It, Get Ready for Greater Relevance Posted by Marta Strickland on 11.24.08 @ 03:16 PM It’s been nearly 10 years since Tim Berners-Lee, who is credited with inventing the worldwide web, expressed his vision of a “se ... Details

Basic SEO Theory

10 years ago

Dao By Design Blog ( - As a Web design professional, I am often asked by clients if I can help them with search engine optimization (SEO), to which I almost always say “not really”, and then spend 20 minutes typing out the information I am about to share. The truth is, I am certain I could help them with their SEO ne ... Details

2nd RDF Vancouver/Semantic Web User Group Meeting - Wed, Nov/26 @ WorkSpace

10 years ago

Vancouver Ajax & Web 2.0 (3.0) Developer Group // ( - November 26, 2008 — Gerald Jim Pick posts on the event listing: This is the second monthly meeting of the RDF Vancouver Semantic Web User Group. It is intended to be an informal event for learning about the latest Semantic Web technologies, and networking with other users/developers in the commu ... Details

The future of computing and communications: random thoughts, part 5

10 years ago - The New Scientist recently published an article entitled "Cell phones could be used to build 'audio Internet'". (I'm not sure if the article requires a subscription to obtain full access, and I apologize if it doesn't, but the link should at least lead to the abstract in that case.) This is one more ... Details

Growing the Semantic Web with Inverse Semantic Search

10 years ago - I recently read an interesting paper that was presented at the INSEMTIVE workshop (incentives for the semantic web). Hans-Jörg Happel addresses the problem that a lot of metadata (tags, annotations, etc.) exist in private knowledge spaces but are not shared on the semantic web – maybe because of ... Details

Whaddya Call It? All-a-do-about terminology management

10 years ago

Librarians as Knowledge Managers ( - "While using multiple terms to describe one thing is common, doing so can lead to product confusion and even compliance issues in the business world. Why you should be worried about terminology management."By Donald DePalma"...That’s not to say that big companies don’t worry about terminology. I ... Details

Query interfaces for the Semantic Web - Martynas Jusevicius

10 years ago

Computer & Internet - ( - Query interfaces for the Semantic Web - Martynas Jusevicius Planet PHP Tue, 11/25/2008 - 17:12 An interesting presentiation at Google Tech Talks about different interfaces to query semantic data. Casual users were presented with 4 increasingly formal systems: keyword search, natural language searc ... Details

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