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OxPoints and the Semantic Web

10 years ago - In OxPoints - Providing geodata for the University of Oxford I told you about the old OxPoints system which is currently providing geolinking information for the University of Oxford and talked about what is wrong with it and why we want to start from scratch to create a new OxPoints. Before we sta ... Details

[Romecamp08] Web semantico

10 years ago

There is life inside experience design ( - Dei molti interventi seguiti al romecamp, vorrei dedicare qualche parola a quello di Antonio Lieto, dedicato al web semantico, intitolato “Intelligent Search e motori di ricerca inferenziali”. Se attualmente i motori di ricerca (o meglio, il motore di ricerca) utilizzano quasi esclusivamente as ... Details

Semantic Web=Searchwiki, meint die NZZ

10 years ago

IBI-Weblog ( - Doch auch ohne RDF/XML-OWL-GRDDL lässt sich ein Semantic Web realisieren; auch ohne dass Programmierer die Bedeutung einer Web-Ressource in maschinenlesbarer Form vollständig durchdekliniert haben, können Maschinen aus verschiedensten Quellen Metainformationen ernten. Mit einer kürzlich lanciert ... Details

Small steps to code your Big design

10 years ago

Submit Your Article! ( - Web designers work a lot on Photoshop. Very few of them know how to code and take the steps to convert their designs into CSS/HTML/XHTML. So they normally outsource their coding part and keep themselves intact with designing only. For those who are not familiar with the “the know how” of HTML co ... Details

How to use social networks in emergiencies.

10 years ago

P. S. : ( - In the article: Tweeting the terror: How social media reacted to Mumbai it is explained how twitter, blogs and social networks gave mixed results in during the Mumbai massacre. I particular it is said: As Twitter user “naomieve” wrote: “Mumbai is not a city under attack as much as it is a ... Details

SIOC Competition Winners

10 years ago - 얼마전 포스팅했었던 SIOC Competition Winners로 세가지 애플리케이션이 선정되었다. 캠프 마지막 날에 John이 결과와 함께 약간의 데모를 보여주었는데, 수상작이 모두 시각화와 관련이 있다. 참고: Prize winners visualise Irish online life in ... Details

Auf den Spuren von Speedy Gonzales …

10 years ago - … arriba, arriba … andale! Wir haben im qKAI Projekt ein Paper mit dem Titel “Towards utilizing Open Data for interactive knowledge transfer” bei der DigitalWorld 2009 in Mexico eingereicht und es wurde angenommen. Nun gehts Anfang nächsten Jahres auf nach Mexico. Juppie! Ich wusste vorher ... Details

AdaptiveBlue’s SmartLinks: Publish a Powerful New Kind of Link

10 years ago ( - Image by via CrunchBase I use all of adaptive blues free applications ! Techburgh installed Smart Links for me since I am technically challenged !  I did install Glue myself with some help from Fraser at adaptive blue Hi Marshal - from your profile on Glue select “add ser ... Details

Look what I found: 23 November to 26 November

10 years ago - Look what I found interesting. Maybe you will too. The hinternet, the internet we’re missing - Jon Bounds deserves much kudos for this fantastic coi ... Details

Semantic MediaWiki In Popular Media

10 years ago - Semantic MediaWiki is being featured in issue 12/2008 of the German popular computer magazine iX in an article about wiki engines. It’s the only semantic wiki among those presented, and although it is an extension of MediaWiki (which underlies Wikipedia) - which is also in the article - it is disc ... Details

Neologism Web-based RDFS vocabulary editor

10 years ago

UMBC ebiquity ( - Neologism is a simple web-based RDF Schema vocabulary editor and publishing system under development at DERI. It looks like a great lightweight tool for developing Semantic Web vocabularies and publishing them on the Web following current best practices. It’s goal is to “dramatically reduce the ... Details

Towards a Unified Theory of Filters

10 years ago - Towards a Unified Theory of Filters by Peter Hart-Davis comments [2] Link It’s Not Information Overload. Its Filter Failure. ... Details

The (near) Future of Research Articles

10 years ago - Rod Page's demo for his Elsevier Grand Challenge submission ("Towards realising Darwin’s dream: setting the trees free") shows the type of enrichment of biological - if not all research - articles that is quickly becoming possible. Taking a published article ("Mitochondrial paraphyly in a polymorp ... Details

Kann man die Bedeutung von Wörtern ergoogeln?

10 years ago

Helmeloh's NotizBlog für Linux, Taijiquan ... ( - Kann man die Bedeutung von Wörtern ergoogeln? Posted on November 27th, 2008 by helmeloh Kann man die Bedeutung von Wörtern ergoogeln oder “Normalisierte Google-Distanz”. Gibt man einen Begriff, beispielsweise “Pferd”, in die Suchmaschine Google ein, erhält etwa 12.300.000 indexierte ... Details

How the Semantic Web Will Change Information Management: Three Predictions from fumsi

10 years ago

Synaptica Central ( - How the Semantic Web Will Change Information Management: Three Predictions from fumsi Daniela Barbosa — November 24, 2008 - 10:33pm fumsi is a digital and print publication that provides resources and tools for people who "find, use, manage & share information" . They are part of the Fre ... Details

Vulcan’s “Digital Aristotle” Moves Toward Vision of Computers that Answer Scientific Questions

10 years ago

Xconomy ( - Software, Education, Paul Allen Luke Timmerman wrote: The days when any one person could be a credible expert on all the world’s scientific knowledge, capable of distilling complex data and concepts into a clear, understandable answer, are said to have ended with Aristotle. Now Paul Allen, the b ... Details

Peirce’s Semiotics in the Alignment of Formal Specifications Using Shared Concepts

10 years ago

The Phaneron ( - In To Pragmaticism and Beyond I describe an ambitious plan to develop an emergent theory of meaning. I begin that plan here by describing how introducing semiotics into the alignment and unification of domain specific ontologies, also called local ontologies, serves to better specify implicit relati ... Details

The digital future of finding out - “Deep Search” Conference

10 years ago - WWW : Was / Wann / Wo + Warum “Deep Search” World-Information Institute Conference: “Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna am 08.November 2008 von 10:30 bis 20:00. Freier Eintritt, Vorträge in englischer Sprache, Stadtplan hier. Information ist nutzlos, wenn sie nicht gefunden werden kann Die ... Details

Queap ist tot. Es lebe Qimaya!

10 years ago - Es ist so weit. Ab sofort ist Queap als Qimaya erreichbar. Das neue vielversprechende Start Up aus Deutschland mit frischen semantischen Ansätzen auf dem Suchmaschinenmarkt hat sich als Queap vorgestellt und ich fand diesen Namen sehr sexy, bischen qu(g)eeky aber originell und in der Art wie damal ... Details

Romecamp 2008 e Metafora: gli interventi

10 years ago - RomeCamp2008: un barcamp che sicuramente porta con sè Memoria di quello che ne è scaturito, visto tutto è in Rete, che c’erano telecamere ovunque, ed una serie di talkshow a tema hanno creato sinergie comunicative a cavallo dei temi portati nei talk, cosa quantomai utile e divertente anche nell ... Details

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