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Небольшой анонс

10 years ago - В связи с тем, что близится праздничная дата - год сайту, я работаю над переводом документа, который необходимо прочитать каждому разработчику приложений Sema ... Details

Virtuoso+DBpedia AMI for EC2 now Live!

10 years ago

Kingsley Idehen's Blog Data Space ( - What is Virtuoso+DBpedia AMI for EC2? An pre-installed and fully tuned edition of Virtuoso that includes a fully configured DBpedia instance on Amazon's EC2 Cloud platform. Benefits? Generally, it provides a no hassles mechanism for instantiating personal, organization, or service specific instanc ... Details

Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences - Afternoon Session

10 years ago - Tutorial: The W3C Interest Group on Semantic Web Technologies for Health Care and Life Sciences (M.S. Marshall) “Scientists should be able to work in terms of commonly used concepts The scientist should be able to ork in terms of personal concepts and hypotheses (not forced to map concepts to th ... Details

Google tech talk on the semantic web

10 years ago - This is by Professor Abraham Bernstein.  It's very interesting, it's all about what the semantic web is in brief, but mostly about the various techniques used such as SPARQL, Querix, Ginseng, OWL DL...these are however rubbish for humans mostly.  He explores how to make the semantic web accessible ... Details

An Example of RDF Scalability

10 years ago

Orri Erling's Weblog ( - We hear it to exhaustion, where is RDF scalability? We have been suggesting for a while that this is a solved question. I will here give some concrete numbers to back this. The scalability dream is to add hardware and get increased performance in proportion to the power the added component has when ... Details

TextDigger - Analyze, Profile, Tag and Classify Your Content

10 years ago - TextDigger is a company that give the solutions to analyze, tag, classify and deliver content in the most effective way, so that your content is easily located and made available to the general public out there. This way, the page is not only easier to find and navigate, but also much easier to mone ... Details

personalising my blog

10 years ago - Those who read me via news feeds (I wonder how many those are), may not have seen the recent additions I have made to my blog pages. I have added a view onto: my recent flickr pictures my bookmarks my twitter discussion the music I am listening to This is quite a lot of personal inf ... Details


10 years ago - There has been a large number of website publications in Mauritius these last weeks along with disastrous concepts such as the L’Express website (discussed over here). One of the major problems that seem to be quite difficult to get over is copywriting. As stated in my last post on Fantasmédia a ... Details

Thanksgiving thoughts on KM from HMB, CA ‘08

10 years ago

Commonsensical Investing, Finance, and Technology ( - To the Special Libraries Association KM SIG ~~~~~ I’ll take a shot from a broader long-term perspective that may be of interest- my lens on KM is shaped from being a business/management consultant prior to the Internet era and converting it into a knowledge incubator for a decade, buildin ... Details

Ouvrages de référence XML/XLS ?

10 years ago

Forum Alsacréations : CSS et Standards Web ( - Bonjour, Le XML et ses dérivés me font de l'oeil depuis un petit moment, mais je n'y connais rien. Auriez-vous un bon bouquin à me conseiller po ... Details

It’s the Content, Stupid

10 years ago - A recent interview of Marissa Mayer, Google’s Vice President of Search Products and User Experience prompted me to write this entry. The interview, conducted by Bambi Francisco from, was insightful but it failed to nail a key point; Google can continue to create the best technologies and ... Details


10 years ago - 2008 Paper No. 8259 Geoffrey Frank, Don Gemeinhardt, Barry Scott RTI International Research Triangle Park, North Carolina An Operational Adaptive Training System (OATS) using operational intelligence sources can give First Responders, from bomb disposal teams to firemen and law enforcement offi ... Details

variation on @timoreilly: hyperdata is the new intel outside

10 years ago - Context: Tim O'Reilly said "Data is the new Intel Inside". Recently in a post "Why I love Twitter": What's different, of course, is that Twitter isn't just a protocol. It's also a database. And that's the old secret of Web 2.0, Data is the Intel Inside. That means that they can let go of controll ... Details

Computer Aided Information Highlighting

10 years ago - Go to a web page, the computer running the web browser scans through the web page and bring out potentially key information for you, automatically.  That’s what Thomson Reuters’ Opencalais is doing.  In its easiest deployment, just load the free Gnosis plug-in for IE or Firefox, add additional ... Details

The Money Mafia

10 years ago - A post by Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch today really got me riled up: The SEC has shut down Prosper, a peer-to-peer lending site. This was up in the air until yesterday:Yesterday, the SEC issued its formal cease-and-desist letter (embedded below or download PDF), outlining its reasoning for charac ... Details

sematic search for enterprise systems - interview with Daniel Tunkelang of Endeca

10 years ago

Sleepless in NY ( - “ FCM: What are some of the areas, in your view, that need improvement in enterprise search? DT: Many people have raised the prospect of social search in the enterprise–specifically, the idea that people will ... Details

time goes by so quickly… and sematic web in simple language

10 years ago

Sleepless in NY ( - and i still didnt get to discuss web 3.0 and semantic web (the post i owe you guys for september). i am linking to Rick Murphy’s blog in my blogroll section as I have found his blog fascinating and recommend it strongly to those of you interested in sematics. it is ... Details

Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2009: Die Projekteküche brodelt

10 years ago

Helmeloh's NotizBlog für Linux, Taijiquan ... ( - Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2009: Die Projekteküche brodelt Posted on November 27th, 2008 by helmeloh Noch ist ja Zeit, um Vorträge und Präsentationen für die Chemnitzer Linux Tage (CLT), die am 14./15.03.2009 stattfinden, einzureichen. Jetzt ist es nunmehr auch möglich für die „Lightning Talk ... Details

Google despre Google

10 years ago - Când nu ştii ceva..."google" it! Google a devenit atât de utilizat încât pentru unii (mai puţin înclinaţi spre tehnologia IT) e sinonim cu web-ul. Nu numai că este foarte popular, dar în cei 10 ani de când există, Google s-a extins de la un simplu motor de căutare la o serie extrem de v ... Details

The case for strong narratives

10 years ago

Infoneed - Meeting users' information needs ( - 30 November 2008 A former colleague, Silver Oliver, makes the case for web-scalable narratives. Music to my ears: “As we build larger and larger websites it becomes increasingly difficult to scale meaningful user journeys.  Success is dependent on indentifying your key user journeys (narrative s ... Details

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