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Zoho’s CloudSQL - another step toward the Data Cloud?

10 years ago - Already a popular provider of Cloud-based ‘Productivity & Collaboration Apps’ for individuals and ‘Business Apps’ for SMEs, Zoho today took the next step and unveiled CloudSQL. As Dennis Howlett notes in his coverage for ZDNet, “Put simply, this is the first step to providing a cloud bas ... Details

SWAT4LS: The Semantic Web in Scotland

10 years ago - Last Friday, the UK National e-Science Centre in Edinburgh hosted a workhop, Semantic Web Applications and Tools for the Life Sciences (see for the full details). Here are some incomplete and abbreviated notes from the workshop where there were some interesting people, paperware and soft ... Details

The New Era of the Internet is Semantic Technology

10 years ago

e-clipsblog ( - Semantic technology can help take businesses into a new era of the internet, according to Marta Strickland, at her BMF Sticky Blogspot. Semantic refers to the meaning behind data. At the moment computers are good at sending data back and forth but not great at discerning the meaning of that data. T ... Details

FEC Data Guy and Senate Electronic Filing

10 years ago - ComputerWorld interviewed James Allen, the IT manager at the Federal Election Commission (FEC), a month ago and reposted it yesterday. One line in the interview really stood out to me: We have a T1 line to the Senate so they can file their reports securely and quickly. After the data has been cle ... Details

Accessible Interactive Multimedia

10 years ago

AniktoBlog ( - Yesterday came the announcement of a new standard for authoring multimedia presentations using sound, video, images and text. The Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language, known as SMIL 3.0 (and pronounced “smile”) offers users a suite of functionality options that do not require scripting. ... Details

Declaring My “PhD-Day” as December 1, 2009

10 years ago - After twice trying to find a doctoral program that satisfied my intellectual curiosity while giving me the tools and credentials I need to become a university-level researcher and teacher, I’ve decided that the time is now for me to finally make it happen. To anchor this desire to a tangible goa ... Details

Semantic Robots

10 years ago - Semantic Robots December 2, 2008 by pdanderson One of the sessions at last week’s European ICT 2008 conference looked at the area of robotics research. It was pointed out that we are starting to see robotic applications move beyond their traditional use in high end automobile manufacturing (reme ... Details

Sematischer Raum in 3D

10 years ago - SIOC.ME ist eine web-basierte Anwendung, die semantische Daten innerhalb eines 3D-Raumes in Echtzeit sichtbar macht. In diesem Raum kann ein Nutzer auf einzigartig interaktive Art durch Foren und Gespräche navigieren und diese erkunden. Dieses 3D-Tool kommt damit der Vorstellung von Tim Berners-Lee ... Details

Il Semantic Social Banner al RomeCamp2008

10 years ago - Semantic Social Banner e come far emergere gli sforzi dell'intelligenza collettiva Ripropongo anche la parte filmata del talk, così si ha il quadro d’insieme, ricollegandomi al post precedente: La volontà di Metafora AD Network è quella di essere un canale qualitativo di pubblicità alt ... Details

Learn to Adapt Links for December 1st

10 years ago - The Semantic Web in Education (EDUCAUSE Quarterly) | EDUCAUSE CONNECT - Jason Ohler provides a nice summary of semantic Web and its implications for education. Though he dances adroitly around the technical (standards) problem that will make the semantic Web a challenge, he does nicely scratch the s ... Details

50 Awesome Semantic Apps for Educators

10 years ago

Tweako / Recent Content: All ( - 50 Awesome Semantic Apps for Educators Submitted by sagar13d - Promoted on Wed, 11/26/2008 – 11:41am Internet tags: learning - education - semantic - internet - apps There are several applications available right now of which educators can take advantage. From web browsing to research to bl ... Details

Open Calais with Thomas Tague

10 years ago - In this Podcast Episode Rob McNealy interviews Thomas Tague about the Calais Initiative, which recently won Mashup Camp’s Best Solution Provider Tool Contest. Download audio file (ThomasTague.mp3) Thomas Tague’s Bio Thomas (“Tom”) Tague leads Thomson Reuters Calais initiative, spearheadi ... Details

The origin of Web 2.0: Business 2.0

10 years ago - 1998: Business 2.0: the most remote of a label As is known, the ritual of labeling the successive versions of a product with the format “N.n”, comes from the world of software. In our case, the question is how this custom came to label what’s happened in recent years on the Internet: the so ... Details

Who coined Web 2.0?: Darcy DiNucci

10 years ago - HISTORY OF THE WEB 2.0 (3) Article ghost July 1999: Darcy DiNucci can coined the label Web 2.0. [Image from Darcy DiNucci professional web page:] In July 1999, dating back some callers an article that first mentioned the term Web 2.0 and what used to anticipate a change of cour ... Details

使用微格式来丰富网站语义: hCard

10 years ago - 本文是“A Blog Not Limited”上“Getting Semantic With Microformats”系列文章的翻译,请尊重原文版权。 原文链接: —————————————————————— ... Details

Social Mediaflows with Tarpipe

10 years ago ( - A friend of mine Mike Lott sent me a link to lifehacker where they talk about Tarpipe. Tarpipe streamlines your updates to various social web sites, creating simple or complex workflows to update several buckets in one fell swoop. Let's say you want to do something simple like upload a new picture ... Details

Web of Flow

10 years ago ( - I think Stowe Boyd is a very clever man he's thoughts behind social tools run very deep. And rightly so, while the rest of us were trying to grapple with social anything, he coined the term social tools and understood the power of these tools and the conversation. I kind of liken him to people like ... Details

UK Search Engine Marketing Agency: Successful Online Marketing Services

10 years ago ( - The web is currently on the rise as a method for marketing in the year 2007, as stated by the Advertising Association. (...) ... Details

New SyberWorks Media Center Article: 10 Tips on LMS Implementation...

10 years ago

The Online Training Content Journal ( - Here is the press release on the article: SyberWorks Media Center Presents a New Article – “10 Tips on LMS Implementation”  The article, 10 Tips on LMS Implementation can be found in the SyberWorks Media Center.  I have also pasted below: 10 Tips on LMS Implementation by Steve Pena, S ... Details

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