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The lean product literature database

10 years ago

Pronovix - ( - In this videocast I explore how a lean product literature database could be implemented in Drupal. The presentation should be relevant for you if you are interested in implementing a knowledge management system for your organization. If you are interested in actually seeing it work, check out our dr ... Details

Freebase Paralax

10 years ago

Borort ( - Freebase Parallax: A new way to browse and explore data from David Huynh on Vimeo .        ... Details

The Roadmap To Become A Blogger Report!

10 years ago - Image via Wikipedia There is a brand new blogging business website online with the name packed with free video tutorials created for you by Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick. Here are the names of 10 free videos you’ll like: Video 1 - Why You Should Use WordPress Video 2 - Ho ... Details

foaf+ssl: adding security to open distributed social networks

10 years ago - For the "W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking", taking place in Barcelona January 2009 Attending:Henry Story Contributors:Bruno Harbulo ... Details

Declaring December 1, 2009 as My “PhD-Day”

10 years ago - previous posts and in my list of research interests, so this is not breaking news by any means. However, I have finally embraced the idea of studying it academically so I can understand it as a researcher and not just as a user.   What is social media? I define social media as information gene ... Details

Catching the next wave

10 years ago - Catching the next wave was the title of my opening track keynote presentation in the “Catching the semantic wave - or down in a sea of content?” session of the “Order out of chaos – creating structure in our information universe” track at the Online Information Conference 2008.  Presentat ... Details

Brendan O’Connor puts machine learning and statistics in a jar and shakes the jar

10 years ago

Mike Love's blog ( - Brendan O’Connor puts machine learning and statistics in a jar and shakes the jar: ML sounds like it’s young, vibrant, interesting to learn, and growi ... Details

Polymer Markup Language Paper

10 years ago - Now i started this blog with the intention of writing about polymers, informatics etc.. Somewhere along the way, some advocacy, some ranting and a general critique of the scholarly publication process also crept in and, of course, there were long breaks. However, we have recently published polymer m ... Details

OntoWiki Kick-off in Leipzig

10 years ago - Virtuoso+DBpedia+OntoWiki together with several industry relevant uses cases - that´s about the formula of the OntoWiki project, which was launched y ... Details

Search Engines and SSNs

10 years ago

IR Thoughts ( - In the current issue of IRW we explain why facilitating social security numbers (SSNs) online is an enabling crime; one that is relevant to Homeland Security (1). We show that, ironically, government agencies and universities are the first facilitators of SSNs on the Web. We examined how crafting sm ... Details

Bridge between SW communities: OWL RL

10 years ago

Ivan’s private site ( - The W3C OWL Working Group has just published a series of documents for the new version of OWL, most of them being so-called Last Call Working Drafts (which, in the W3C jargon, means that the design is done; after this, it will only change in response to new problems showing up). There are many aspec ... Details

Semantic Desktop Paves the Way for the Semantic Web ICT Results (EU)

10 years ago - Excerpt from Semantic Desktop Paves the Way for the Semantic Web ICT Results (11/25/08) The European Union-funded Nepomuk project has developed innovative software to make finding and sharing informatio ... Details

5min VideoSeed semantic Video Matching

10 years ago

digital asset management weblog ( - 5min’s VideoSeed Syndicates How-To Videos To And Others by Jason Kincaid on December 2, 2008 How-to site 5min is expanding beyond its roots as a video portal and has launched a syndication network for its videos called VideoSeed, which uses semantic matching to ... Details

Web 3.0 en onderwijs

10 years ago - Het semantische web (oftewel web 3.0) -het internet van de toekomst- kenmerkt zich doordat betekenis wordt verleend aan begrippen. Heel vaak wordt hierbij het voorbeeld "Paris Hilton" gebruikt. Deze woordcombinatie kan meerdere betekenissen hebben. Ander voorbeeld: "Tarzan".... Dankzij het semantis ... Details

Week of 12.01.08/Top Stories

10 years ago - SocialOverinfluence/OnlineBargains/GoogleTV/18-24YearOlds Trying something new this week - putting articles together in themes and offering my thoughts on the implications. How do we listen to customers via social without being overly influenced by the voice of the few? People freaking out about M ... Details

Other good articles the past two weeks / 11.24.08

10 years ago - Issues of Interest The TV Channel Is Changing emarketer Behind the Numbers: MySpace and Facebook emarketer Multicultural Marketing Hot, Success Not emarketer   Digital Marketing News Marketers to Up Spending in Cable, Online, Mobile in Next 6 Months Ad Age Report: Web Still Growing Despite ... Details

Structured vs. Unstructured – should PLM be reinforced by additional technologies?

10 years ago - Structured vs. Unstructured – should PLM be reinforced by additional technologies?   The question I’d like to raise is how to manage various type of data about your product? In today’s world information is very diversified. Obviously we have design models, product structure, bill of materi ... Details

Interfaces Redux: Touch Screen Prims?

10 years ago - Interfaces Redux: Touch Screen Prims? 11.27.08 | 1 Comment I’ve had a fascination with interfaces - not just graphical interfaces, how to make them more intuitive, but also the devices that we use. I’m increasingly convinced that there are two significant advances that represent the key wave o ... Details

Permanent web IDs or making good web 2.0 citizens

10 years ago - These are the slides for a presentation I gave a little while ago in Broadcasting House at a gathering of radio types - both BBC and commercial radio - as part of James Cridland’s mission to “agree on technology, compete on content“. The presentation is based on the thinking outlined in my pr ... Details

Top 10 Semantic Web Products of 2008 - ReadWriteWeb

10 years ago

Bannaga ( - Jump to Comments ” 8. AdaptiveBlue Disclosure: AdaptiveBlue’s founder Alex Iskold is a feature writer at RWW. AdaptiveBlue are makers of the Firefox plugin, BlueOrganizer. As we wrote in January this year, the basic idea behind BlueOrganizer is that it gives you added information about webpages ... Details

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